Friday, March 17, 2017

Banner 1928 Catalog Supplement

Banner was one of the "dime store labels" - it was the house label for the S.S. Kresge chain, although it was apparently made available to other discount stores as as well. Banner was part of the Plaza Records group, which included the Domino, Oriole, and Regal labels. Here's a monthly catalog supplement of new releases - there's no year listed, but all the records I checked were recorded in the spring or summer of 1928, so this must be the September, 1928 supplement. To today's record collectors, the most interesting records are probably the one "race" record listed, by New Orleans blues singer Lizzie Miles, and the "Hill-Billy Records" on the last page. (Although some of the dance records look pretty tasty, and the Original Indiana Five show up on 7084.) None of the artists are even listed for the hillbilly records, but in order, they are by The Lonesome Pine Twins, William Randolph, Ernest Stoneman, John Baltzell, William Randolph again, Ernest Stoneman again, John Baltzell again, Ernest Stoneman once again, and The Lonesome Pine Twins again.

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