Friday, March 2, 2018

James Reese Europe Follow-Up

My February 12 post, with all of James Reese Europe's 1913-14 Victor records, attracted lots of attention from record collectors. This is a follow-up post, responding to several requests and comments.

It was requested that I post pictures of all the labels, so I have done so below. And for those who prefer a lossless audio format, I have uploaded flac files.

Finally, one reader suggested that "Castle Walk" was transferred too fast, and that it should play in the key of D rather than in E flat. All my transfers were made at exactly 78 RPM, but early recording equipment was certainly inconsistent, and could run slightly fast or slightly slow from one day to the next. So courtesy of Dutch, here is his version of "Castle Walk" in D.

Castle Walk in D

Flac files:

Too Much Mustard

Down Home Rag



Castle's Lame Duck

Castle House Rag

Castle Walk

You're Here and I'm Here

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  1. Thank you so much! It's wonderful to hear all the JRE Victors.